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Pig Starter Crumblets

Pig Starter Crumblets

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A complete crumblet diet for weaned piglets
  • Medication Free: Mos is an all-natural feed additive, which improves piglet health by enhancing the immune system by binding and eliminating undesirable bacteria. 

  • Acidifiers are added to maintain optimum pH for digestion. This will improve growth performance and decrease piglet scours.

  • Optimum levels of selenium and Vitamin E to provide strong antioxidant protection and immune function.

  • Balanced Amino Acid profile.

  • Fully fortified with a complete mineral and vitamin package to support piglets’ rapid growth cycle.

  • Yeast Culture: increases high gut fermentation, which gives the piglet access to more nutrients from their ration. This results in improved gains, feed efficiency and a healthier animal.

  • Contains no animal products.