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Horses? Goats? Chickens? Alpacas? Pigs? Cows?, Cats? Dogs? Birds?  We have their feed!


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Newborn Foal

Just hours old, we had the privilege of photographing this newborn foal at one of our customers' farms

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Winning Racehorse on Poulin Grain

See the difference in appearance, endurance, and performance when you feed your horse a fixed formula, nutritious feed.

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In Business Since 1978

Charlie began his distribution business in 1978, which at the time was mostly targeted to our dairy farms.  He has since expanded his business to include all farm and domestic animals, and after thorough investigation chose to become a sole distributor of Poulin Grain feeds.  His service includes delivery of products to local farms, product recommendation, forage sampling and feed programs, as well as troubleshooting problems with proper nutrition.  He has access to world renowned veterinarians and professionals in the animal feed business, and he freely imparts his knowledge and that of his colleagues to all of his customers.  His goal is to inform his customers regarding the importance of proper nutrition for all of their animals, and to deliver the best feed and personal service in the business.  


Great Service

We provide FREE services to our customers that other companies do not, such as FREE forage sampling, and FREE horse feed programs. All you need to do is ask! Charlie, or another professional will help you with your questions and concerns regarding your feeding programs, or any health problems that may arise with your animals.  


Let US do the Lifting!

Compare our prices to your local 'box' store prices - you will be amazed to find you can SAVE time and money by letting us do the traveling and lifting for you.