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Layer Crumble Essentials

Layer Crumble Essentials

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7.5% FIBER
2.5% FAT

An economically priced layer crumble formulated with the essential nutrients needed for laying birds or hens in lower production. Layer Crumble Essentials offers a superior formulation to box store feed options and competitors' economical offerings.

Fully fortified with vitamins and minerals

Calcium, phosphorus and other key nutrients support a healthy, strong shell

High quality amino acid and protein sources

Boost overall health and egg production

MOS Prebiotics and Phytase enzymes

Maintain a healthy digestive tract and improve absorption of nutrients

DFM Probiotics

Maintain intestinal health and inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria

Essential oils

From cinnamon, oregano and chili peppers to stimulate digestive activity and protect the intestinal wall

Yucca extract

• Improves nutrient absorption and weight gain

• Inhibits development of coccidia, improving bird health

• Reduces ammonia that causes respiratory issues and also blindness in birds housed with inadequate ventilation