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Lamb N' Kid's Starter Pellet

Lamb N' Kid's Starter Pellet

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A 18% protein pellet formulated to be fed to lambs and kids from about 4-7 days old until the animal reaches about 100 lbs of body weight
  • Medicated with Decoquinate to prevent coccidiosis. Since it remains totally in the rumen, there isn’t any need to stop feeding Lambs n’ Kids before slaughter.
  • Highly palatable pellet formula.
  • Inclusion of Yeast Culture which has been proven to increase rate of gain and improve feed efficiency to bring your animals to market size 10-13% faster than feeds without Yeast Culture.
  • Fully fortified to meet the nutritional needs of rapidly growing lambs and kids.
  • Ammonium chloride is added to aid in the prevention of kidney stones in young male lambs and kid goats.