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Alpaca/Llama Maintenance Pellet feed bag

Alpaca/Llama Maintenance Pellet

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A pelleted feed formulated to support maintenance and health
  • Formulated with high quality protein to optimize health, growth, and pregnancy for mother and cria.

  • Poulin Grain alpaca/llama products are designed to balance Northeast hays and pasture crops. (data supported from Cumberland Valley Analytical)

  • Fortified with organic trace minerals for greater bioavailability to prevent nutrient deficiencies and improve fleece quality

  • Low Cereal Grains - Minimizes metabolic problems and preserves balanced stomach fermentation

  • Biotin Added to promote foot health and integrity 

  • High levels of Vitamin E and Selenium anti-oxidants for improved health and immune function

  • Vitamin A & D to support proper growth of all body tissues especially epithelium, such as skin, digestive and reproductive tracts and egulates calcium absorption for proper bone development and growth

  • XP Yeast supports healthy microbial fermentation